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What follows are NOT the tales and adventures of my core 4e campaign, this campaign is much better than that- the players tell me this is so. When we play the Core Campaign, and others, we always have a few close observers- depending on whose house we are playing at, and what time the game kicks off- the little guys sometimes have to go to bed early. The ‘close observers’ of the game it seems want ‘a go’, the ‘close observers’ are the offspring of several of my regular players- and they want in. This then is their campaign, or at least their first campaign- you’ll see. The players are aged between 4 and 13, quite a range, however the four year old- who will hereafter be known as Spider, is accompanied always by his dad. That said for most of the sessions there are a number of adult onlookers- the roles have been reversed, it’s the adults turn to run errands, fetch drinks and crisps, and sweets, and cakes, and pizza, and chocolate, and more drink please…

This then is the Kids Campaign, all of the adventures are small-ish, mostly completed in one or two sessions. The campaign has been running for nearly three years so far, and we’ve only played (from memory) four adventures- there are reasons for this, not bad ones, but I’ll explain later- or else as I go on. We have had a lot of fun however, and the kids (or at least some of them) are getting into the game. See what you think.



Oh, but just a few notes- this Obsidian Portal D&D 4e Campaign Wiki works a little differently to many of others found here, don’t go looking in the Adventure Log for the action, there’s nothing there. Everything here is accessible via the Wiki button- go there and generally follow the links, you’ll soon get the hang of it. The only other section used is the Characters section- here you’ll find the PCs, Monsters, Traps and Skill Challenges- as they are encountered by the adventurers. All of these will have nice pictures and info, including character sheets and monster/trap/skill challenge stat cards.

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The Kids Campaign (D&D 4e)

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